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NeurOptimal neurofeedback is a form of neurofeedback therapy that aims

to optimize brain function by providing real-time feedback to the brain

about its own activity patterns. Developed by Dr. Valdeane Brown and Dr.

Sue Brown, NeurOptimal is designed to promote overall mental wellness

and improve cognitive performance without targeting specific symptoms or


At the core of NeurOptimal is the principle of dynamical neurofeedback,

which is based on the understanding that the brain has an innate ability to

self-regulate and optimize its functioning. The system works by monitoring

the brain's electrical activity through sensors placed on the scalp, typically

using electroencephalography (EEG) technology. These sensors detect

brainwave patterns, which are then analyzed by the NeurOptimal software

in real-time.

Unlike traditional neurofeedback systems that rely on operant conditioning

to train specific brainwave patterns, NeurOptimal operates as a

non-invasive, non-directive form of neurofeedback. Instead of targeting

specific frequencies or areas of the brain, it provides feedback to the

central nervous system about its own moment-to-moment activity. This

feedback is delivered in the form of brief interruptions in audio or visual

stimuli, known as "micro-interruptions," which are imperceptible to the

conscious mind.


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