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What is Parent Coaching: 

Parent coaching:  Parenting can be hard- we know this.  Sometimes It can be really hard, even heart-wrenching and of course you want the best for your child.  


There are no perfect answers to parenting.  Perfect parents don't exist either.  A parent coach can help pinpoint ways to improve relationship and communication patterns which lead to lighter moments, improved conversations and give you the knowledge to know that you are making efforts in the right direction.

Parenting with humility, love and humor can feel good.  It doesn't mean every interaction will be great but it can mean that more positive moments and smiles happen. 


Coaching can help you discover who you are as a parent. Parenting is instinctual- we instinctively love our children but you might not always instinctively know how to handle situations, what is worth an argument and what is not. 


Sara Donaldson, SB- RPT, Parent/child specialist coach will sit with you and listen to what is tough.  She will meet you with acceptance, guidance and support.  She provides a safe, warm space to talk about things that are hard. 


The Goal of Parent Coaching: 

Parent coaching can help you accept the hard moments, we are all imperfect and it's ok to acknowledge this and explore ways to strengthen our weaknesses and embrace you as a parent. 


We want to help you on your parenting journey. Call us to learn more about parent coaching. 

Coaching is Not Therapy: 

Coaching is not appropriate for someone who has experienced a recent trauma or who has a diagnosed mental health condition.


How can Coaching help?

Coaching can help the child, parent, adolescent or family by: 

finding successful replacement behaviors 

discovering and utilizing hidden strengths

helping you learn and use different communication and coping skills

identify the meaning and purpose behind the undesired behavior

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