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Our prescribers utilize doxy links - this link can be used for every appointment that you have scheduled with your provider.  Simply click on the link a few minutes prior to your appointment time and at the scheduled time your provider will connect with you. 


Appointments with therapists:  There are 2 options that our therapists use for virtual sessions. 

1. TherapyNotes virtual portal: TherapyNotes is the scheduling system that we use- upon scheduling an appointment you will be sent an email asking you to register and log in to the portal.  If your therapist utilizes this portal for virtual sessions you will receive an email from your therapist the day before your appointment explaining how to access your virtual appointment through the portal. 


If you do not receive an email explaining this then your therapist will be using Google Meet to connect with you at the time of your virtual appointment.  If your therapist is using Google Meet to connect you will receive the link at the time of appointment. 

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