Our mission at Old Towne Counseling Services is to provide adults and children with exceptional psychiatric medication management and gene site testing services. Our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners are passionate about helping people find relief in their mental health symptoms and live happier lives. When you have tried therapy, counseling, and other mental health solutions and don’t feel like you’ve made progress, psychiatric medication may provide you with an effective, short-term or long-term solution.

Psychiatric Medication Management

There is often a biological component to mental health challenges. Psychiatric medication helps balance the chemicals in your brain so that you may find relief in your symptoms. Regularly scheduled follow-up visits with your Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will ensure that you have the best response and the least amount of problems with your medication.

Gene Site Testing

We also offer gene site testing that may determine the most effective medication (including dose and frequency) that you should be prescribed.

Telemedicine Options are Available

For clients who are unable to travel to our office, telemedicine is an option you can discuss with our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Telemedicine allows you to connect with your provider via a HIPAA secure video chat on your computer or tablet from the comfort of your home. If your clinician agrees that telemedicine is the right option for you, our staff will assist you with scheduling appointments.