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Psychiatric Services

Is It Time To Explore New Or Additional Treatment Methods?

Are you interested in using medication to treat symptoms related to anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns?


Have you tried other interventions—including therapy—only to find that you aren’t getting the results you want?


Do you wish you knew more about psychiatric medications that could help?


Mental health symptoms like anxiousness, depressed thinking, panic, and an inability to concentrate can have a major impact on our quality of life. At times, we may feel desperate to find a solution, whether through therapy or other tools for self-care. However, when those interventions are not enough, it may be time to consider integrating medication, be it short-term or long-term, into the treatment plan. 

prescription bottle with medicine falling out

You May Have Questions About Introducing Medication Into Your Treatment Plan…

You may be skeptical about medication. Perhaps you’re concerned about potential side effects or developing a dependency. Especially if you are pregnant and experiencing adverse mental health symptoms, you may be worried that psychiatric medications pose a threat to your baby’s health and, in turn, are not a viable option for you. 


Alternatively, you may be open to the idea of medication or even have integrated it into your regimen already. But maybe it’s time to change the dosage or consider if other medications can offer you further relief. Whether you have sought out medication management services through your primary care physician or have discussed integrating psychiatric drugs with your mental health counselor, our team can help you get the precise, tailored treatment that you need.

At Old Towne Counseling, our psychiatric nurse practitioners are passionate about helping people from all backgrounds find relief from their symptoms and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Maintaining Mental Health Is Important; You Are Important

Stress, anxiety, and sadness are very normal experiences that affect everyone at some point or another. After all, life can be incredibly demanding. Between the expectations created by our families, ourselves, and society in general, it can be overwhelming to keep up. The unrealistic standards we are expected to maintain are often too much, adding to the psychological pain that we feel. 

Unfortunately, we may fear asking for help. Maybe our families are not supportive of mental health treatment, or we believe that it’s not worth the expense to seek counseling, mental health evaluations, or psychiatric medication. Not to mention, it is common for people to develop skepticism about taking medication or make treatment decisions based on misconceptions/misinformation about pharmaceuticals.

The truth is that mental health symptoms are very real and valid challenges. Though you might find reasons not to intervene, you deserve to be at the top of your priority list. Through the psychiatric services offered at Old Towne Counseling, you can receive meaningful support in assessing and treating your mental health in safe, effective ways. 

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Psychiatric Services At Old Towne Counseling

Our team of psychiatric nurse practitioners (NPs) and mental health counselors aim to make treatment a gentle, healing experience. Whether you seek a mental health evaluation, psychiatric medication management, or ongoing counseling, we will tailor the therapeutic experience to align with your goals. *Note that our psychiatric services are available via telehealth to residents throughout Virginia.

Our providers take great care to meaningfully listen to clients while cultivating a safe, inviting atmosphere where you can share your story. 

What To Expect

All of our psychiatric services are available to children (6 and older), teens, and adults—at Old Towne Counseling, we are accepting of all persons and conditions. For minors in particular, parents/guardians are included in the first session. However, because this process is highly tailored to each client, we will perform ongoing sessions one-on-one with child and teen clients to ensure they have the focused, individualized attention they need. 

While we offer mental health counseling, our psychiatric services primarily center around assessments, medication management, and gene testing when necessary. Once you or your child have been paired with a clinician, we will listen as you discuss your symptoms and work to help you understand what is going on internally. With this knowledge, you can have a better idea of how a particular medication will target your symptoms. 

Furthermore, if you have a family history of adverse side effects with medication or are worried about how medication will impact your unique chemical makeup, gene site testing is available on request to help you determine the proper medication and dosage. 

Typically, your clinician will have the prescription ready by the end of the first session, with follow-up management sessions scheduled as needed. There is no requirement for you to be in ongoing treatment or be currently under the care of a mental health professional to receive psychiatric services through our practice. Additionally, we have NPs on staff who specialize in women’s mental health, available to pregnant or postpartum clients who have concerns about the health of their baby when considering medication.  

Our ultimate goal is to help you feel better and reduce the adverse symptoms affecting your life. We are here to listen and meaningfully engage with your treatment interventions in taking steps toward lasting relief.  

Still Unsure If We Can Help?

You are not alone.

Life is tough—all of us have to learn how to be warriors and advocate for ourselves in order to live life to the fullest. If you are struggling with unpleasant psychological symptoms, you are not alone; millions upon millions of Americans struggle with their mental health.  

We can support you on the path to making your experience better. Whether through evaluations, psychiatric medication management, or ongoing counseling services, our clinicians are available to aid in your healing. 

I don’t feel comfortable sharing details about my symptoms. 

Mental health professionals are uniquely trained to be unbiased in their assessments, diagnoses, and treatments. They are here not to judge you but to help you feel less alone in your experience. It’s likely that as you become comfortable with your clinician, you’ll feel better about opening up and discussing your symptoms. 

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I am concerned about the cost of psychiatric services.

If cost is a concern, note that we work with most insurance carriers. Psychiatric services are often included in the insurance plans that we accept. However, if you don’t have insurance, keep in mind that there is a self-pay option for our services. Contact us to find out more about our rates. 

You Deserve Relief

If you are curious about mental health assessments, medication management, or ongoing psychiatric services through our practice, Old Towne Counseling is pleased to serve clients of all ages, backgrounds, and conditions. Please call (804) 398 – 8401 to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists or fill out a registration form here.

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