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Mental Health testing can help a therapist or individual better understand what is going on and help to determine a diagnosis and  treatment plan.

Individuals, therapists, medical doctors or other health professionals can recommend Mental health testing. 


Psychological testing can be useful for many reasons:

Testing can help determine complex diagnoses

Can help clarify symptoms/coping style/personality

Help to specify a particular therapeutic style that may best assist the client

Stalled treatment can gain information from testing, assessments may be used to identify factors limiting progress

Questions of fitness where decisions are being made about patients based on their psychological functioning (i.e., return to work). Psychological assessments give you relatively objective evidence to be used in decision-making processes.

What Does Psychological Testing and Evaluations Provide?

Psychological Testing for Mood, Anxiety, and Interpersonal Difficulties

Clients or their therapists request psychological assessment at the beginning of treatment or when treatment progress has stalled. It is sometimes helpful to determine what kinds of emotional and personality traits are obstacles in improving a client’s mental health, and determine the best treatment modalities for improving overall well-being.

Cognitive Testing may be helpful if a client is experiencing difficulty with memory, attention, or learning a primary care physician may refer them to psychological testing. The results of the cognitive tests are used to provide recommendations and available treatment options to you and your family that are geared toward optimizing quality of life across work, home, and community settings.

Often the combination of cognitive testing and emotional tests can help determine how factors interact and impact functioning.

Referrals are commonly made for the following:

  • Adult Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD

  • Educational and Career Accommodations

  • Mood, Anxiety, and Interpersonal Issues

What Should You Expect?

Psychological Testing and Evaluations are tailored to each person and the process includes:

An initial appointment with our Psychologist, Ed Bieda, LCP.

 At this appointment Dr. Bieda will gather information and discuss with you what he feels will be the best plan for testing.  

Once testing is complete an additional appointment will be scheduled.

At this appointment Dr. Bieda will offer feedback from the testing and provide a written report; this report includes findings and helpful and practical recommendations (including suggestions for accommodations).

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