Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified Registered Art Therapist

Todd is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Registered Art Therapist. He graduated from GWU in 2013 with a Master of Arts in Art Therapy. Todd has also worked with individuals seeking help for LGBTQ-IA issues, trauma, depression, autism spectrum disorder and anxiety.

My name is Todd Charles Stonnell and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board-Certified Registered Art Therapist. I graduated from George Washington University in 2013 with a Master of Arts in Art Therapy. During my studies, I gained experience in a variety of settings, including: a day treatment program for individuals living with HIV/AIDS, a residential program for adolescents struggling with various emotional and behavioral problems, as well as a treatment program for children in Chennai, India, who were diagnosed with cancer.


I have also worked with individuals seeking help for LGBTQIA issues, trauma, depression, autism spectrum disorders and anxiety, among many other concerns. Most recently, I have helped adults who are seeking treatment for addiction, which ranges from alcohol and drugs, to gambling addiction at a residential program.

It is through art and conversation that I help my clients in seeking, creating and nurturing a clearer version of their world and personal identity. I strive to imbue a sense of playfulness and healthy risk-taking in my interactions with my clients.

I also encourage moments of letting go and give my clients permission to discover a more unique side of themselves. Most importantly, I stress the importance of connection, both with oneself, as well as with others. To me, therapy is a collaborative journey, where the therapist and client work together to discover what resources and connections are available that can promote a healthier and more fulfilling life.

I often use the quote from Mulan with my clients that says, “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” It is my hope that, like a flower blooming from concrete, my clients can find the inner strength to push through the obstacle they are currently facing and have dealt with in their journey leading up to this point.


I'm am always happy to answer any questions you may have.  Let's connect.


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